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Midwest Area Toller Breeders

* Skylark Tollers: Fargo, ND   
Laurie Geyer:   701-793-1868

* Water’s Edge Retrievers: Buffalo, MN
Dan Rode:   320-963-5122, 763-639-6290

* Vermilion Tollers: Lake Vermilion   Tower, MN
Kathy Koebensky-Como:  218-290-7334

* Springvale Kennels: Cedar Grove, WI
Sue Dorscheid:   920-246-3075

Last updated July 13, 2017

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* Denotes membership in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA) and as such, subscribe to the following as taken from the Club’s Code of Ethics as it relates to responsible breeding:
--If I breed, I will strive to improve the Toller breed  according to the NSDTRC Breed Standard. I will conscientiously plan each  breeding, choosing only parents of appropriate temperament, appearance and  other desirable qualities.
--I will become aware of genetic defects that can be harmful  to the breed. When breeding, I will endeavor to select animals that will  reduce the incidence of genetic problems while enhancing the positive  attributes and abilities of the breed. I will be open with all persons  interested in the welfare of the Toller and will discuss possible physical or  temperament defects in my own stock.
--I will act responsibly in regards to all puppies produced  by my breeding for the lifetime of the puppies.
--I will never knowingly sell to, or place a Toller with  unethical persons or those who would not provide proper and humane care to the  dog. I will refuse to sell any Toller to any pet shop or to any wholesale  dealer in dogs.

Disclaimer: Listing on this site is not an endorsement by Midwest Tollers web master, nor any of the individual breeders listed above. It is the responsibility of the puppy buyer to thoroughly interview the breeders in searching for puppies/dogs for sale. If a breeder can not answer your questions to your satisfaction and you are not comfortable with them, end your search/interview and continue your search with another breeder. The life span of a Toller is 12-14 years; you should be comfortable with the breeder you are dealing with in that they will match you with a puppy that will meet your needs for that long life.


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